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Otakus of the World, Unite!

Dr Otaku provides an impactful platform for academic and non-academic comic afficionados alike, to connect, share, and create meaningful dialogues. 




Otaku is an archaic form of saying 'you' in Japanese, which is not so commonly used nowadays. In contemporary parlance, the word refers to a dedicated fan, especially of manga/anime/games/allied arts. 

Who is an Otaku? 


Dr Otaku offers a space to all.

Comic Books

Geek out over Comics

Talking Heads

Share your Ideas

Virtual Events 

Design Factory

Creative Exchange

Whether you are a novice or a superfan, academic or non-academic, if you love comic, manga, anime and other allied arts, you are welcome to share your thoughts and create meaningful dialogues with the like-minded.

Built for Artists, Scholars, Creators,  Experts, Connoisseurs, and every comic fan out there. 

Get Ready to Connect with Your Kin!


Dr Otaku aka, Dr Ananya Saha awaits your participation.

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